Do You Have What It Takes?

Back in the ancient year of 2008, the first social innovation platform was born. It was called IDEASTOX and thousands of citizen entrepreneurs uploaded their ideas for a better world – they envisioned products and services, non-profits and cultural projects, and they unveiled them here. Then they watched their ideas gain momentum as the public voted on their value. Real ideas from real people.

We knew IDEASTOX had the power to go bigger, to take those ideas and turn them to fully-funded projects for and by the people, with the vision and guts to go all the way…and we’re pleased to say that moment is now.

Anyone with an idea, small or large – that’s you – we invite you to put yourself to the ultimate test. We’re going to give you the chance to show the world that you have the endurance, resilience, guts and courage, the instinct, imagination and insanity to start something new. And we’re going to do it on a television show that we’re producing with a stellar team: the Executive Producer of “Project Runway”, the producers at Oscar/Emmy/Golden Globe winning Killer Content, the creators of the “Bossy” brand of books and web series, and the founders of IDEASTOX.

The never-say-die, go-getting winner will get a million dollars of funding for proving to a global audience that she or he has what it takes to be a top-notch entrepreneur. And if for some reason you are not selected as a competitor on the show, you can still put your hat in the ring to join a competitor’s team or sign on as a potential employee or customer in the future. To submit yourself – don’t even think about it, just do it – please fill out the form below and upload the required materials. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And that means fast. Like yesterday.

Cause that’s how quickly you have to move to make stuff happen. 

It’s time to make you happen. Let us know what makes you so boss! 

Good luck citizen innovators…we’re on your side.

Show us what you got